The Family Fang: Filming

Baxter Fang holds a camera while he and Annie Fang observe

As adults, Annie Fang and her younger brother, Baxter, are both still trying to come to terms with the fact that their conceptual performance artist parents used them in their controversial, avant-guard work.
From the movie The Family Fang

The 5th Wave: Who’s That?

Cassie Sullivan and Sam Sullivan standing in front of greenery and looking at something

Will Cassie Sullivan and her little brother, Sam, survive the next phase of the alien invasion?
From the movie The 5th Wave

Eve no Jikan: Memory

The Sakisaka family, as viewed by their new house android, Sammy

In a time when androids are used as everything from construction workers to housekeepers, Naoko Sakisaka sees them as mere things, while her younger brother Rikuo’s views change over time.
From the anime series Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve)

Lights Out: I Will Protect You

Rebecca holds on arm out to protect her brother Martin

Having previously moved out of her parents’ home after a fight with her mother, Rebecca returns to ensure the safety of her little brother, Martin, when someone — or something — attacks him.
From the movie Lights Out (2016)

The Visit: What Do You See?

Rebecca Jamison and Tyler Jamison look straight into the camera

Rebecca “Becca” Jamison decides to film a documentary when she and her younger brother, Tyler, spend a week with their grandparents.
From the movie The Visit

Crimson Peak: Heirs to Allerdale Hall

Lucille Sharpe and Thomas Sharpe both looking at someone intently

Lucille Sharpe helps her younger brother, Thomas, find a woman to marry for the sake of their future.
From the movie Crimson Peak

Wolf Children: Transformation

Yuki and Ame as young kids/wolf cubs

Yuki and her little brother, Ame, can switch between being a person and an animal because they are the offspring of a human and a werewolf.
From the anime movie Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki)