BioShock Infinite: It’s Complicated

Robert Lutece stands in the dark, holding a coin with his thumb and forefinger. Rosalind Lutece stands next to him.

Twins Rosalind Lutece and Robert Lutece are both physicists who are, had been, and will be one of a kind.
From the video game BioShock Infinite


Fire Emblem Heroes: Defenders of Zenith

Princess Sharena and Prince Alfonse stand in front of an emblem

Alfonse and Sharena, the prince and princess of the holy kingdom of Askr, battle against the invading Emblian Empire.
From the video game Fire Emblem Heroes

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Eye for Adventure

Link looks on as Aryll gazes skyward

Link would travel to the end of the world and back for the sake of his little sister, Aryll.
From the videogame The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Resident Evil: Code Veronica: Queen and Drone

Alfred Ashford places his hand over his heart, and Alexia Ashford rests her hand on her hip

Alexia Ashford is a genius (becoming a chief researcher at the Umbrella Corporation at the age of ten) who is idolized by her younger twin brother, Alfred.
From the videogame Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Final Fantasy IV: Heroes of Mysidia

Porom and Palom pose with their magical staves

Porom is White Mage who specializes in healing and protection spells, while her arrogant twin brother Porom is a Black Mage who focuses on attack spells. Together, they helped save the world from destruction.
From the videogame Final Fantasy IV

Resident Evil: Code Redfield

Chris and Claire Redfield against a blue-tinted backdrop

Chris Redfield and his younger sister Claire, both survivors of zombie outbreak incidents, now dedicate their lives to fighting against the spread of Bio Organic Weapons.
From the videogame series Resident Evil

Tales of Symphonia: Ready for Battle

Genis Sage and Raine Sage pose for battle

Raine Sage (right) and her little brother Genis support one another in combat.
From the anime adaptation of the videogame series Tales of Symphonia