Area no Kishi: Expectations

In a room with two paintings on the wall, Kakeru Aizawa looks in disbelief at a disappointed Suguru Aizawa. Mito Aizawa is between them with concern on her face.

Suguru Aizawa is a rising soccer player admired by both his little brother, Kakeru, and his little sister, Mito. Kakeru also has a talent for the game and enjoys the sport, but his lack of motivation to play annoys Suguru.
From the anime series Area no Kishi (The Knight in the Area)


Hand Shakers: Team Card

Masaru Hojo, wearing a black and orange hoodie, looks to the right. Riri/Lily Hojo, wearing a light blue top, looks off to the right while holding a Tarot card. A TV Screen and other electronic equipment in an ornate room exist behind them.

Student council president and Tarot card reader Riri “Lily” Hojo and her little brother, Masaru, an expert card game player, compete as a Hand Shaker pair in order to have their wish granted by god.
From the anime series Hand Shakers