Dogtooth: Party of Three

Eldest sister and youngest sister stand while their brother sits and holds a guitar

The overprotective parents of three siblings–eldest daughter, middle brother, and youngest sister–have kept them at home for their entire lives, completely isolating them from the outside world.
From the movie Dogtooth


Joukamachi no Dandelion: The Royal Bunch – Part V

Hikari, Teru, and Shiori Sakurada standing in front of a crowd

Instead of wanting to be a ruler, Hikari Sakurada, the fifth princess, dreams of becoming a singing idol. Similarly, her younger brother, the third prince, Teru, only sees himself as a hero, while Shiori, the sixth princess and youngest child, just likes being with her family.

From the anime series Joukamachi no Dandelion (Castle Town Dandelion)

Shinmai Maou no Testament: Thou Shalt Be Happy

Basara Tojo, Mio Naruse, and Maria Naruse standing outside in front of a building

When his dad suddenly remarries, Basara Tojo finds himself with two younger step-sisters, Mio Naruse (red hair) and Maria Naruse (white hair), who happen to be actual demons.
From the anime series Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Free!: Admiration

Makoto Tachibana puts his hand on Ren Tachibana's shoulder while Ran Tachibana hugs him

Makoto Tachibana is adored by his little sister, Ran, and her twin brother, Ren.
From the anime series Free!

Kiss x Sis: Merry Christmas!

Twin sisters Ako and Riko Suminoe in Christmas outfits next to their younger brother Keita

Happy Holidays from Sister/Brother Complex!

Twin sisters Ako and Riko Suminoe (left and right, respectively) can surely wipe the troubled expression from their younger stepbrother Keita’s face.
From the anime series Kiss x Sis