Onegai Teacher: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

A close-up of Kei Kusanagi's and Kozue Kusanagi's faces against a sky blue background with them standing on a white rooftop

Kozue Kusanagi’s words and actions had a deep and lasting impact on her little brother Kei’s teenage life.
From the anime series Onegai Teacher (Please Teacher!)


Tsugumomo: Overactive Imagination

A blushing Kasumi Kagami, garbed in a white shirt andd pink apron, holds herself and acts surprised. Kazuya Kagami looks at her, unamused, in a red T-shirt and blue shorts.

With their father always working and their mother having passed away, Kasumi Kagami assumed the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother, Kazuya. She can be a bit obsessive when it comes to his safety and well-being, though. (And from his perspective, the less said about her desire to tend to his physical needs, the better.)
From the anime series Tsugumomo