Akiba’s Trip: The Animation: Interesting Times

Tamotsu Denkigai and Niwaka Denkigai smiling and sitting on a bench in front of bushes

Tamotsu Denkigai and his little sister, Niwaka, are otakus who love the Akihabara shopping district, and they battle against monsters called “Bugged Ones” that are trying to destroy it.
From the anime series Akiba’s Trip: The Animation

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Yellow Rose and Red Rose

Nanami Kiryuu and Touga Kiryuu standing against a gray backdrop

Touga Kiryuu is president of Ootori Academy’s student council and is popular among the school’s female population. His possessive little sister, Nanami, however, only wants him to pay attention to her and punishes any girls who try to get close to him.
From the anime series Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Fire Emblem Heroes: Defenders of Zenith

Princess Sharena and Prince Alfonse stand in front of an emblem

Alfonse and Sharena, the prince and princess of the holy kingdom of Askr, battle against the invading Emblian Empire.
From the video game Fire Emblem Heroes

Death Note: Study Session

Light Yagami helps Sayu Yagami study at a desk while Ryuk the shinigami relaxes on a bed in the background

When Light Yagami isn’t committing mass murder using a supernatural notebook, he’s a hardworking student who often helps his little sister, Saya, with her homework.
From the anime series Death Note

Occultic;Nine: Light the Candles

Aria Kurenaino performs an occultic ritual with candles and incense on a bedroom floor as Takaharu Kurenaino watches while sitting on a bed

Takaharu Kurenaino provides emotional support for his little sister, Aria, even when the circumstances are strange and unsettling to most people.
From the anime series Occultic;Nine

Soukou no Strain: At Odds

Sara Werec in her school uniform standing back-to-back with Ralph Werec in his military uniform

What happened to respected ace pilot Ralph Werec? His little sister, Sara, follows in his footsteps and joins the military in order to find out.
From the anime series Soukou no Strain (Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry)

Schwarzesmarken: At Ease

Theodor Eberbach looks on as Lise Hohenstein smiles

Theodor Eberbach and his step-sister, Lise Hohenstein, are pilots in the same East German battle squadron during the brutal war against the BETA alien invasion, so they keep an eye out for one another.
From the anime series Schwarzesmarken