Winter Anime 2018: Shows To Check Out

The winter weather outside is frightful, but these siblings are so delightful. As long as you’re here, do cheer: Sis and bro, sis and bro, sis and bro!

I’m experimenting with the format a little in order to provide better info about the brothers and sisters appearing this season. Two of the six featured shows feature them on a regular basis, while the others don’t. Let me know what you think.


Beatless title

Androids known as humanoid interface elements (hIEs) are now commonplace in society, doing everything from preparing and selling us food and modeling our clothes to doing the grocery shopping and more. However, the latest models in development have surpassed human intelligence and capabilities to the point that they’re essentially brand new beings. Humanity is still figuring out the existing relationship between man and machine as it is, so how will these new creations change the equation? Can they be trusted to still serve us? When high school student and hIE sympathizer Arato Endou encounters and agrees to takes ownership of the advanced hIE known as Lacia, he, his sister, their friends, and all of society will begin to understand.

Well, everyone knows we want to avoid a future where SkyNet and the Terminators wipe out most of humanity, but it’s not as simple as that; it’s always a gradual process. No one sets out to destroy the world, only to make it better. The road to hell and all that.

Side Note: The protagonist has no relation to the Endou siblings in the following series.

Dagashi Kashi 2

Dagashi Kashi 2 title

No one loves sweets more than Hotaru Shidare, and she’s still in town trying to convince Kokonotsu Shikada to take over his family’s small candy shop in the countryside. Why? Hotaru is trying to recruit Kokonotsu’s father to work at her family’s world-famous sweets company, but dear old dad wanted his son to agree to keep the business going first. Fortunately, for someone who lives and breathes sweets like she does, it might not be long before she lights the passion within him.

Hotaru has already shaken up the lives of Kokonotsu and his friends, the Endou siblings in the short time she’s been there. After all, it’s hard not to get affected by the energy of a person whose passion is genuine. However, that passion can become overbearing – the first season felt like an advertisement for various sweets at times. The second season still has some of that candy craziness, but it’s to a much lesser degree, partially due to the reduced running time of twelve minutes per episode. The change has helped improve the series’ overall focus, though, which is good from a storytelling standpoint. In the end, I guess it’s true that too much candy really is bad for you. Go figure.

Other Shows

Sometimes, when brothers and/or sisters show up in a series, they’re not given large roles in the story or they don’t have much screen time together. However, they still deserve a mention.

Dragon Ball Super

You know the name. The legendary fighting series has been around for years, and since the summer of 2015, Super has continued the story that originally ended twenty years ago. With the Tournament of Power arc, which has actually been going on for a while, the cyborg siblings 17 and 18 have returned as well, and this time, they’re taking a more active role in helping Goku save the universe. It’s the same action you know and love, so power up!

It was actually announced that the series will be ending soon, but it’s not clear whether this is just a temporary break or something more permanent. Hiromi Tsuru, the Japanese voice actor for Bulma, recently passed away, too, which might have influenced the decision. Honestly, I’m not sure where the story can go at this point, but if it is over, it was great to see Goku and his friends one more time…until the next movie.


What would you do if you could stop time? Would you commit crimes? Would you help people? Would you even want such a fearsome power in the first place?

Juri Yukawa, a struggling 22-year-old job seeker, learns the answers to these questions and more when her not-so-great life is shattered by the sudden kidnapping and ransom of her brother and young nephew. To save them, her grandfather reveals that he has the power to enter a world where time itself is at a standstill and that he and those with him can continue to move freely. However, during the rescue, the family encounters a sinister group whose members can also move about, and unfortunately, leaving the frozen world is not an option. Juri must act now or all will be lost.

The clock is (not) ticking.

It’s refreshing to see a science fiction series that not only doesn’t involve high school students but also has an adult woman as the protagonist. The last time I saw that was in Psycho-Pass (and I suppose this season’s Violet Evergarden also fits, too). More of this, please.

Overlord II

The search continues! When a formerly popular Massively Multiplayer Online RPG known for its unprecedented level of immersion and interactivity was getting ready to shut down, one player in one of the strongest guilds in the game decided to keep playing until the end. However, when the time came, the game’s world persisted. Then, the computer-controlled characters suddenly came to life, and stranger still, the player found himself trapped in the body of his avatar and unable to exit the game. Seeking to understand the mysteries of the former game world and to find a way to escape, he starts his search. And fortunately, he has several powerful underlings, including a pair of twins, that can help him. It’s good to be the overlord.

I missed out on the first season of this when it originally aired, but when I came across it later on, I watched all thirteen episodes in one sitting. The idea of being trapped in another world is an old one, but as long as the characters, setting, and story remain interesting, I’ll keep watching. That said, the first few episodes of the second season change the focus away from the principal cast of characters, but once they reappear, they’re as awesome as ever.

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2

Kusuo Saiki is a high school student with incredibly powerful psychic abilities. However, he knows that revealing this information to others would be a hassle for him and his family, so he tries to live a quiet, normal life. Unfortunately, the people he encounters, like the “perfect girl” Makoto Teruhashi and her sister-obsessed older brother, are weird in their own ways and, worst of all, they just won’t leave him alone. What a pain!

The first season of this comedy series consisted of five-minute episodes that aired once per day, making them the perfect little viewing treat. The second season, however, does away with this, preferring to go with the traditional 24-minute running time, albeit split into several skits. Technically, it’s still the same amount of content per week, but with so many other great shows airing this season, it does change the dynamic for viewers.


5 thoughts on “Winter Anime 2018: Shows To Check Out

  1. I see no reason not to clarify the appearances of the Sibling characters in the shows, mangas, games or etc.
    Personally I find this a good thing, especially considering the specific nature of this site here.

    PS: Also I got two additionally sibling relevant things I came across and haven’t seen here (unless I’m blind)
    First would be the Gintama Anime which has actually quite a few different Sibling characters, as well as secondly the World of Final Fantasy game, which has a two Twins as it’s main characters. (It’s also a rather good game)

    1. Thanks for feedback. Without considerable research beforehand, it can be difficult to determine how often a sibling will show up. I try to watch a four to five episodes to get a feel for each show before I write these, but that doesn’t always work. (I’m looking at you, “WWW . Working.” The sister showed up in the first episode and then never again.)

      And you’re not blind. Gintama is not mentioned on the site yet, but thanks for reminding me. Due to the daunting number of episodes, I haven’t gotten around to watching any of it. The Anime and Manga Lists are WAY overdue for an update, as well.

      Good tip of World of Final Fantasy. I will make a note of that. As a bonus, you’ll get my first site mention of Radiant Historia for the Nintendo DS/3DS. I just started playing it last Friday, and a pair of siblings have a major role in that game.

      1. @ Guy Incognito

        I can imagine how much work it takes to check every New Anime each season, I mean considering that, I actually don’t mind shows with 13 episodes. Not to much and not to less. Still, I thank you for the efforts, especially on the Anime and Manga list. Thanks to that I found some good stuff to watch and read.

        Well, Gintame isn’t as ridiculously long as Detective Conan, but 300+ episodes is still a lot… and a few sibling couples/ character development appear/happens rather late in the series so I don’t blame you.

  2. @Ruto-hime I appreciate the sentiment. However, I must make one correction: I don’t check out every single new series each season in the in-depth way I described above.

    There are around 30-40 “new” shows introduced every three months, and I simply don’t have the time to watch a few episodes of each (and still have some semblance of a social life). I rely on summaries to get an overview and then go from there, watching the series that sound the most interesting to me (and, of course, those that specifically mention having brothers and sisters). Unfortunately, this method has led to my missing out on some great shows that I would’ve otherwise recommended, but the site has wonderful fans like you who let me know about them, which in turn get shared to everyone else.

    That said, look forward to all the new entries that will be in the next lists update, and thank you for being a fan of the site!

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