Tamayura: Bon Appétit

Norie Okazaki and Masanori sticking their forks into pastries

Created by and named after Masanori Okazaki’s energetic little sister, “Norie Sweets” are the perfect treat to eat while studying for exams, taking photographs, or relaxing on a midsummer’s day.
From the anime series Tamayura


Bubuki Buranki: Rivals

Close-up of Asuma Kazuki and Kaoruko angrily butting their heads together

Buranki are giant, sentient, robotic beings, and both Azuma Kazuki and his younger twin sister, Kaoruko, have the power to awaken and use the one known as Oubo, though they disagree over who has the right to possess its control-unit “heart.”
From the anime series Bubuki Buranki

Happy Easter!

Kaoruko Kazuki stands and Azuma Kazuki sits on the grass as they look at a spherical object on the ground

Easter greetings from Sister/Brother Complex!

Image from the anime series Bubuki Buranki

Happy National Siblings Day!

Marie Karigari Hiroshi smiles weakly as tears stream out of Hiroshi Karigari's eyes

Siblings. They make us laugh; they make us cry; they make us angry; they make us proud; they make us worry; they make us jealous and everything else under the sun–sometimes, all at once. Above all else, they’re family, so take some time to celebrate your siblings today. (If for no other reason than to say that you remembered to and they didn’t.)

Image from the anime series Boku no Marie (My Dear Marie)

Boku no Marie: Amazing

Marie Karigari smiles and holds her fists up triumphantly while Hiroshi Karigari watches agape

Hiroshi Karigari and his little sister, Marie, live together as normal siblings, even though she’s an android he built to look exactly like the girl he loves.
From the anime series Boku no Marie (My Dear Marie)

Medaka Box: Class 13 Perverts

Myouri Unzen looks at Myouga Unzen who holds two giant iron balls

Myouga Unzen and her younger brother, Myouri, both possess unique abilities, an affinity for spherical objects, and dirty minds.
From the anime series Medaka Box