Fall Anime 2016: Shows To Check Out

As the temperatures go from sunny and warm to slightly chilled, it’s time to trade the brothers and sisters in the water for those on and above land, and here are two shows that will keep me landlocked for a while.

Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin (Bubuki Buranki: The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy)

Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin title

What are Bubuki? What are Baranki? Where did they come from, and why can humans use them? More importantly, are they our friends or our enemies? The second season of Bubuki Buranki seeks to answer these questions, but the biggest mystery is what’s the deal with the protagonist Azuma’s sister? She needs a serious hug or something.

The first season of the series where people use sentient weapons known as Bubuki to fight giant living robots known as Buranki, as well as other Bubuki users, actually aired earlier this year. Unfortunately, it completely flew under my radar, so I had to quickly go through all twelve episodes in the week before this season started. However, as I was watching, it felt like the episodes should’ve been twice that number. Moments where characters overcame a major personal trial happened so fast and in rapid succession that it considerably lessened the impact of each one. Hopefully, season two won’t have similar pacing issues.


www.Working!! title

The comedy series about a group of weird employees who work at a family restaurant returns for another round of fun! However, unlike the previous seasons, www . Working!! focuses on a completely new set of characters. That’s right; there’s not a Takanashi, Yamada, or Popura in sight, though one will occasionally notice a familiar characteristic or two (and that one girl REALLY looks like Inami). That said, no matter who’s behind the counter, the laughs won’t stop. Order up!

Spin-off series can be tricky because, on the one hand, you want to see more of the same, but on the other hand, you want to see something different. After three seasons and countless manga chapters, I’ve grown quite attached to the original cast, so it’ll be difficult for any group to be as endearing as them. (Souta Takanashi from the original had four sisters, whereas the main guy in the new series only has one. Just saying.)


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