Lights Out: I Will Protect You

Rebecca holds on arm out to protect her brother Martin

Having previously moved out of her parents’ home after a fight with her mother, Rebecca returns to ensure the safety of her little brother, Martin, when someone — or something — attacks him.
From the movie Lights Out (2016)


Spooky Salutations 2016

Sister/Brother Complex Halloween words seen using blacklight

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Yuka Mochida clings to her big brother Satoshi Mochida in the dark

Satoshi Mochida and his little sister, Yuka, struggle to survive against malevolent ghosts and humans after being trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary School.
From the anime series Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

The Visit: What Do You See?

Rebecca Jamison and Tyler Jamison look straight into the camera

Rebecca “Becca” Jamison decides to film a documentary when she and her younger brother, Tyler, spend a week with their grandparents.
From the movie The Visit

Resident Evil: Code Veronica: Queen and Drone

Alfred Ashford places his hand over his heart, and Alexia Ashford rests her hand on her hip

Alexia Ashford is a genius (becoming a chief researcher at the Umbrella Corporation at the age of ten) who is idolized by her younger twin brother, Alfred.
From the videogame Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Castle Town Dandelion – English Dub Coming Soon

An English language version of the super-powered, multi-sibling comedy series is currently in the works!

Castle Town Dandelion, which originally aired in the summer of 2015, centers around Akane and her eight brothers and sisters who participate in an election to succeed their father, the king, who has suddenly decided to retire. Each sibling has their own reasons for becoming the ruler, as well as a unique superpower that provides advantages (or disadvantages) for them to use in their campaign.

This series, with its lovable cast, will make you wish you could vote for them, instead of anyone actually running for office this year.

Crimson Peak: Heirs to Allerdale Hall

Lucille Sharpe and Thomas Sharpe both looking at someone intently

Lucille Sharpe helps her younger brother, Thomas, find a woman to marry for the sake of their future.
From the movie Crimson Peak