Danchigai: Everyday Life – Part IV

Haruki Nakano and younger sister Satsuki looking toward the screen with fists raised in anticipation

Haruki Nakano and his little sister, Satsuki, get along well, sharing an interest in manga and anime, but she spends most of her time with her twin sister, Uzuki.
From the anime series Danchigai


Danchigai: Everyday Life – Part III

Haruki Nakano looks at some papers after having some sense knocked into him by his younger sister, Yayoi

Of all the siblings, Haruki Nakano and his younger sister, Yayoi, fight the most — she hits him or puts him in a wrestling move whenever he teases her or allegedly acts perverted. Still, despite their constant squabbling, they really do care for one another.
From the anime series Danchigai

Danchigai: Everyday Life – Part II

Mutsuki Nakano smiles and sits next to younger brother Haruki

Mutsuki Nakano is the oldest and, in the presence of her younger sisters, the most responsible sibling. She’s much more relaxed and carefree when only her younger brother, Haruki, is around.
From the anime series Danchigai

Danchigai: Everyday Life – Part I

Uzuki and eldest sister Mutsuki grab their brother Haruki's wrists, while Yayoi pushes him and Satsuki rides him piggyback

The Nakano siblings: Mutsuki the eldest (left), Haruki the only guy (middle), Yayoi the second sister (winking), and twins Satsuki (riding piggyback) and Uzuki (right).
From the anime series Danchigai

Merry Christmas!

Haruma Kawagoe and Choco, who is wearing a Santa-themed outfit, smile at one another.

Merry Christmas from Sister/Brother Complex!

Image from the anime series Chocotto Sister

Chocotto Sister: Make a Wish

Haruma Kawagoe and Choco smiling

As an only child, Haruma Kawagoe dearly wanted a younger sibling. Years later, he was blessed with a little sister named Choco.
From the anime series Chocotto Sister

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: What’s in a Name

Rin looks back at her older brother Nozomu

Nozomu Itoshiki (standing) is one of the most pessimistic and paranoid people in existence, while his younger sister, Rin, is a master of many talents.
From the anime series Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye, Mr. Despair)