Spooky Salutations

Happy Halloween from Sister/Brother Complex


Black Lagoon: Little Devils

Hansel, with blood splatter on his face, looks back at Gretel

Hansel and Gretel, the vampire twins,
Arrived in a city where everyone sins.
Since murder and torture is what they do well,
Their presence resulted in all kinds of hell.

From the anime series Black Lagoon

Fall Anime 2015: Shows To Check Out

The bad news is that the amazing Summer of Siblings is over. The good news is that the change in seasons brings about new brothers and sisters to enjoy, so here are a couple shows that I’ll be watching. (But truthfully, I still miss the nine siblings of Castle Town Dandelion.)

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War)

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War) title

Over a hundred years ago, a catastrophic, extinction-level event occurred. Millions died, but from the rubble, some gained the ability to control mana. Today, the world is controlled by six political entities, and each one controls an academy where their power is represented by candidates who face off against one another in an annual fighting tournament; the prize being the granting of any wish. Ayato Amagiri’s older sister attended one of these schools and went missing, and now, Ayato Amagiri has transferred in to search for her.

Battle schools? Vanished loved ones? A prize too good to be true? Sign me up for this magical mystery tour.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou (Attack on Titan: Junior High)

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou (Attack on Titan: Junior High) title

The highly anticipated second season of Attack on Titan isn’t scheduled to hit television screens until next year, but we’ve had a somewhat steady trickle of Original Video Animations to keep us occupied. Now, joining those OVAs is this comedic spin-off.

The overall premise remains the same in the fact that Eren Yeager, his adopted sister, and their comrades exist in a world where impossibly tall titans terrorize them, but where the parent series is grim and brutal, Attack on Titan: Junior High is lighthearted and silly. For example, the titans eat people’s lunches instead of the people themselves. Yummy.

It’s hard waiting another year for more apocalyptic Titan drama, but this will certainly be a pleasant diversion. A fair warning, though. Since this is a parody, it is expected that viewers will have already watched the original because some jokes do rely on information that would normally be considered a spoiler.

Resident Evil: Code Redfield

Chris and Claire Redfield against a blue-tinted backdrop

Chris Redfield and his younger sister Claire, both survivors of zombie outbreak incidents, now dedicate their lives to fighting against the spread of Bio Organic Weapons.
From the videogame series Resident Evil

Princess Resurrection: Noble Servants

Sawawa and Hiro Hiyorimi looking towards the camera while standing outside

Sawawa Hiyorimi lives a content and carefree life working as a maid to support herself and her younger brother Hiro. He, however, risks his life on a regular basis to protect his mistress from constant assassination attempts and to hide this and all evidence of the supernatural from her.
From the anime series Princess Resurrection

Lament of the Lamb: A Shared Burden

Chizuna and Kazuna Takashiro sitting and facing another person

Chizuna Takashiro and her younger brother, Kazuna, suffer from a familial disease that creates an uncontrollable craving for human blood. They try to help each other cope with the condition, but it is far from easy.
From the anime series Lament of the Lamb