Anime Release: Ane Log OVA 2 & 3

Ane Log OVA 3 title

Moyako Konoe and her ridiculous delusions are back!

The second AND third OVAs (Original Video Animations) for the comedy series Ane Log (Sister’s Log) have been released, and they are glorious.

Marvel at all the fun, new ways Moyako’s imagination goes into overdrive as a result of her misguided belief that her little brother is a pervert who’s in love with her, and laugh when her attempts to do something about it result in even more embarrassing situations!


Both twenty-five minute OVAs build upon the foundation of the first one, adding new locations and characters and milking them for all they’re worth. From swimsuit shopping at the mall and working at a maid cafe to baking cookies at school and swimming at the beach, Moyako’s mind fires on all cylinders, and she’ll tell her plight to anyone who’s willing to listen. However, will they believe her, or will they figure out what’s really going on?

Are these OVAs worth watching? Yes. Moyako is in top over-the-top form that has to be seen to be believed.

Ane Log OVA 2 title

Unfamiliar with Ane Log? Read the review for the first OVA.


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