Spring Anime Season 2015 Shows To Check Out

Ah, spring. New life, new experiences, and new brothers and sisters to love! Isn’t it grand? This season is always full of excellent shows, and here are two that I’m definitely checking out.

Denpa Kyoushi (Ultimate Otaku Teacher)

An exasperated Junichiro sits while Suzune looks down at him

Do you know what “YD” is? As physics genius Junichiro Kagami, the self-proclaimed sufferer, explains, it’s a disease where he can only do what he yearns to do–and, these days, that involves watching anime and updating his blog, collecting figurines, playing videogames, reading manga, and other nerd-related activities. His younger sister, Suzune, of course, disapproves of this lifestyle, concerned that he is wasting his talents. Therefore, she convinces/threatens him to become a teacher at his old high school where he eventually uses his hobbies as the foundation for becoming the Ultimate Otaku Teacher.

I started reading this manga a year or so ago, and I knew that an anime adaptation was inevitable. Sure, it’s the story of a dedicated, unconventional teacher who inspires his students to better themselves, but more importantly, who hasn’t been told that one’s hobbies won’t lead to anything useful in life? Don’t listen to those nay-sayers. Be proud and watch anime!

Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation

Red-haired Kyoma calls out from the open door of an elevator that Kyoka is already standing in

Do you know yourself? It is said that you are your own worst enemy, and Gunslinger Stratos takes that concept literally. In this anime based on a third-person shooter game published by Square Enix, humanity, one hundred years from now, prospers but faces the ever-growing threat of degradation, a mysterious condition where persons around the world suddenly turn to sand. To stop this global catastrophe, Kyoma Katagiri, his sister, Kyouka, and other special combatants must fight their doppelgangers in a battle to the death, or else there is no future for anyone.

Looking for some futuristic “Pew pew pew” action with uneven animation quality and questionable fashion choices? Then Gunslinger Stratos is for you. Turn your brain off, and you’ll be fine. Also, there are aliens. Pew pew pew!


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