Anime Review: Ane Log OVA

Ane Log anime title

Much ado about nothing. Making a mountain out of a molehill. Blowing something completely out of proportion. Choose whichever idiom you want about taking a normal situation and making it appear much worse than it really is, and you have the basic formula for the comedy series Ane Log (Sister’s Log). And now, the manga by Kenji Taguchi has been turned into a twenty-five minute OVA (Original Video Animation).

Moyako realizing the fact that she and her brother have the same lunch

The premise is pretty straight-forward. When Moyako Konoe and her younger brother Akira were children, he innocently said he wanted to marry her. Now that they’re in high school, Moyako is completely convinced that Akira is a pervert who has fallen in love with her, and this huge misunderstanding has caused her to constantly create wild delusions about their normal daily interactions.

The OVA, adapted from the first several chapters of the manga, covers a typical day in Moyako’s life, from making breakfast at home and talking to her friend at school to walking home and finally taking a bath. But, as mentioned, no situation is too mundane for Moyako. Viewers will often hear the Jingle Of Realization and then watch with amazement as her imagination goes running off yet again into fantasyland.

Moyako's overactive imagination has turned her and her brother into a romantic couple

Since the joke format is always the same, the series’ challenge is to keep it fresh, which not only involves looking for new situations to exploit but also to create delusions that are still related in some way. Sometimes, it works; sometimes, it doesn’t, and the milk-pouring scene is one that certainly requires a stretch of the imagination. You can tell she’s working extra hard to make some sort of connection to the perverse, but fortunately, the rest of her attempts are smoother (in their own weird way).

Is the OVA worth watching? Yes. You’ll be hard-pressed not to crack a smile at Moyako’s mental gymnastics. Seriously, this girl should do Improv at a comedy club.


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