Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Sis and Little Bro shouting at one another

Thanksgiving may appear to be just some American holiday that’s all about eating as much food as you can, but it really isn’t. It’s a time to recognize and express gratitude for all the good that has happened, as well as the good yet to come. And family, of course, is a big part of that. Regardless of its origin — by blood or marriage, bonds of friendship, or even a shared interest among strangers — we are one big human family, and I am thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for visiting Sister/Brother Complex, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Image from the manga series Kyoudai hodo Chikaku Tooimono wa Nai


Kyoudai hodo Chikaku Tooimono wa Nai: The Hard Truth

Big Sis and Little Bro shouting at one another

As the older sibling, Big Sis sometimes has to clarify a thing or two for Little Bro.
From the manga series Kyoudai hodo Chikaku Tooimono wa Nai

Aki Sora: What a Tangled Web We Weave

A resigned Sora stands between his older sister Aki (right) and his twin sister Nami (left)

Aki Aoi (right) is close to little brother Sora (middle) who has a younger twin sister Nami (left). Melodrama (and eros) ensues.
From the anime series Aki Sora

Aldnoah Zero: It’s All Right

Yuki Kaizuka giving thumbs up to her brother Inaho

Yuki Kaizuka is ever the optimist compared to super serious younger brother Inaho.
From the anime series Aldnoah.Zero

Anime & Manga List Updates – November 2014

It’s been a few months since the last updates to the Anime and Manga lists, but here are the latest additions:


  1. Aldnoah.Zero
  2. Date A Live
  3. Ano Natsu de Matteru


  1. Oniichan no Koto ga Suki Sugite Nyan Nyan Shitai Burakon Imouto dakedo Sunao ni Narenai no
  2. Onee-chan ga Kita
  3. Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki + Imouto
  4. Kyoudai hodo Chikaku Tooimono wa Nai
  5. Uno x Uno

Be sure to post a comment or contact me if you know of any titles I’m missing (and I’m sure there are plenty). For those readers who have already sent me large lists of titles and don’t yet see them on the site, I’m still looking through them. Thank you for your contributions!

Children of Dune: Children of Destiny

Leto II and Ghanima Atreides standing

Leto II and Ghanima Atreides, the twin children of Paul Muad’Dib, the messianic former ruler of the known universe.
From the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Children of Dune adapted from Frank Herbert’s Dune books.