Carnivàle: Faithful Siblings

Iris and Justin Crowe shown in middle-age and as children

Iris Crowe and Brother* Justin Crowe have looked after one another all of their lives.
From the HBO series Carnivàle

*Younger brother is a Methodist minister.


Rugrats: Nicktoon Twins

Phil and Lil find a ladybug outside

Phil and Lil DeVille want to literally taste what the world has to offer.
From the Nickelodeon Nicktoons series Rugrats

Vocaloid: They should have been on Letterman

Rin and Len Kagamine standing back to back

Rin (on left) and Len Kagamine are ready for American television.
From the singing synthesizer Vocaloid

Onegai Twins: Please find the sister

Karen Onodera, Maiku Kamishiro, and Miina Miyafuji standing and looking at the viewer

Maiku Kamishiro has a sister, but which girl is she: Karen Onodera (green hair) or Miina Miyafuji (orange hair)?
From the anime series Onegai Twins