Anime Review: Super Seisyun Brothers

Super Seisyun Brothers title screen

Slice of life anime Super Seisyun Brothers is a curiosity. With 14, four minute episodes (including thirty second credits), the entire series can be finished in less than an hour, but what strange viewing it is.

And between these siblings existed a strange relationship

The series stars two sets of siblings–both consisting of a college-age sister and a high schooler younger brother who get along reasonably well–and it focuses on their everyday interactions with one another. The Shinmotos are narcissistic and carefree, while the Saitos are quiet and mysterious. Being so different, one would think these two pairs would have little in common, but the two sisters and the two brothers are equally weird, which is what makes them the best of friends.

The series is billed as a comedic slice of life, and while there are some absurd moments, including a particularly shy shop manager and some gender-bending misunderstandings, there’s nothing here that’s laugh-out-loud funny. Admittedly, I don’t find the majority of anime comedies funny in that way, but I’m sure the characters themselves have a good laugh when reminiscing about such events later on.

Is the series worth watching? Yes, if you’re bored and looking for something with which to kill a bit of time. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being strange.


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